Find Out More About Lyndon Baptist Church

So, what is Lyndon Baptist Church all about? First and foremost, we’re a family experiencing God’s grace together in one Lyndon, KY church. Through good times and bad times, ups and downs, we love each other because Christ loved us first. We love you, too!

We share God’s love in four ways:

  • Worship

A lot of folks think this means music. And while music is certainly one way to worship God, a lot more than that goes into it! Worship is anything you do to glorify God. Jesus commanded all of us to love God with our heart, soul, mind and strength. Then he told us to love our neighbor as ourselves. We believe that showing compassion and kindness to everyone is an act of worship.

  • Prayer

Prayer is when you ask God for help, right? Well… yes and no. Prayer is a conversation with God. It’s just as important to listen to God as it is to speak to him. “But God never speaks to me,” you might be thinking. Actually, God is speaking all the time! He speaks to us through the Bible, through the Holy Spirit, through other people, and through our circumstances. We just have to pay attention.

  • Service

God is all about action. In the Bible, the book of James talks about the danger of faith without action. It’s not something we take lightly! We believe that God loves all people, and we believe that we are supposed to show God to all people. The way we do that is by offering them help and love without condition.

  • Evangelization

Evangelization? Don’t we mean evangelism? Evangelism is part of it, but not all. Evangelism refers to telling people about Jesus. Evangelization involves walking alongside folks in their spiritual journey towards accepting Jesus and knowing Him. Lyndon Baptist Church believes that our job isn’t to fill seats on Sunday morning. It’s to help you develop a richer faith in God.

After reading all that, you may have even more questions than you started with! If that’s the case, come on out to one of our services at 10:45 Sunday morning. You can also call us at 502-425-7150 or contact us online. We‘d love to have a conversation with you.