Learn About Our Music Ministry

When you’re looking for a Lyndon, KY church music is probably an important factor. Music is an important part of worship because it helps express feelings that we can’t always put into words ourselves. God is mysterious and we don’t always know how to describe Him. With music, and other forms of art, we can show God that we love Him even though we don’t know how to say it. The music team at Lyndon Baptist Church uses their gifts throughout the year:

  • On Sunday morning and Wednesday night during regular services
  • For special occasions like Christmas and Easter programs
  • When we join together with other believers from different churches for community ministry events.

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Know What To Expect on Sunday Morning

If you love the poetry of the old hymns and the emotional quality of praise songs, you’ll fit right in at Lyndon Baptist Church. We like to try new things, but that doesn’t mean we throw out the old! During a given service you may hear:

  • A Bach flute sonata played by Dr. Sylvia Kim, our accompanist
  • A classic hymn like “How Great Thou Art” sung by the congregation
  • A modern hymn like “In Christ Alone” sung by the congregation
  • A praise song like “How Great Is Our God” sung by the congregation
  • An anthem written by our composer-in-residence, Dr. Phil Landgrave, sung by the choir
  • Gospel music played by Mysh Brownell, our organist and sung by the choir or congregation

And that’s just a sample! Because our congregation includes folks from all walks of life, we strive to include worshipful music from a variety of sources. And if you have a favorite worship song, be sure to share it with Rev. Derek Harris, our Associate Pastor: Music. That’s an easy way for us to bless our congregation during the service!

See Every Tribe, Tongue, And Nation Come Together

Occasionally our church has the opportunity to lead a joint service with our friends at Hanmaeum Korean Baptist Church. These special Sundays include a bilingual service with songs, scripture, and sermons in both Korean and English. Then we head downstairs to share a meal together. This special fellowship is just a small taste of the unity we believe God wants for His church. And you’ll think the bulgogi from Hanmaeum KBC is heaven-sent!

Come see us this Sunday at 10:45 to experience for yourself the worship service at Lyndon Baptist Church. We understand that it can be intimidating to attend a new church by yourself. So if you would like someone to walk in and sit with you to calm your nerves, just give us a call at 502-425-7150 or contact us online. We want you to have the worship experience God intends for you.