Witness The Expression Of Our Faith

First, a quick language lesson: “ministry” comes the Greek for “to serve.” So when we talk about our ministries, we’re talking about the different ways we serve as a church. We choose to do this because we strive to be like Jesus Christ. He came into the world to serve others, not to be served.

Who Do We Serve?

Everyone! We have a lot of ministries because we see a lot of need in Louisville, KY. From lifelong church members to folks we’ve never met, we believe everyone is worthy of God’s love and our service. You don’t have to be a Christian or religious in any way to receive help and love from us.

How Do We serve?

Because “service” is such a large umbrella, we have numerous ministries that are specific to different needs and people. Some folks need prayer more than anything, and so our prayer team is serving them. Others need financial assistance, so they meet with Dr. Holladay about our benevolence ministry. Whatever you need, we are glad to help you get it. If we don’t have the resources at Lyndon Baptist Church, we’ll put you in touch with one of the organizations we partner with.

Where Do We Serve?

Christian ministry is something our members practice daily, everywhere they go. We have members who pray every day for everyone on our list. Others donate items or money to some of our partner organizations. Still more can be counted on to volunteer at any event we host. The ministries of the church itself are conducted in our building. They include:

  • Music Ministry - Leading ourcongregation in hymns and spiritual songs during church services
  • Prayer Ministry - Praying individually and in groups for the needs of our congregation and our community
  • Benevolence Ministry - Providing financial assistance to member of our community who need a helping hand.
  • Quilters/Knitters - Creating knitted and quilted items for in-need community members while building lasting friendships
  • Shepherd’s Hands - Visiting members of our community who are unable to attend church due to illness.
  • Bible Study - Reading the Bible together and having conversations about what it means. Individual Bible studies often use a formal curriculum chosen by the group leader.

How Can You Serve?

There is no set of requirements to receive help from one of our ministries. All you have to do is ask and we’ll be there! You do not have to be a member of Lyndon Baptist Church -- or even a Christian -- to be worthy of God’s love.

If you have read through what we do and would like to offer your gifts to one of our ministries, we’d love to have you! Because our ministries represent the church, many of them require you to be a member in order to serve. But we are always happy to have a new quilter/knitter or a fill-in musician. Just call us at 502-425-7150 to find out more information.