Welcome Home

“Experience the grace…Share the love” is more than a slogan. For us it describes a way of life.
No matter who we are or where we have come from, all of us struggle with the same life issues—some huge, others small. And all of us need solid relationships with others built on a secure relationship with God.

This community of faith rests squarely on the grace of God made known to us in Jesus Christ. We believe that, ultimately, it is Jesus who invites persons into His church. So we strive to be a fellowship where all of us can experience the grace of God mediated through the Holy Spirit and the touch of other believers.

We work hard to be a community that shares the love of Jesus—who did not come to condemn and judge, but to serve, heal, and call all persons together under God.

As Jesus welcomes all, so we invite you to Experience the grace…Share the love.

Lyndon Baptist is located at 8025 New Lagrange Road in Louisville Kentucky.