Who We Are

Lyndon Baptist Church is a family of faith experiencing God’s grace and sharing His love through worship, prayer, service, and evangelization.

Lyndon Baptist Church is seeking to be a:

  • World-reaching
  • Biblically-based
  • Joyful
  • Obedient
  • Uniting
  • community of faith providing opportunities for salvation, growth, and service to give glory to God and reflect clearly Jesus Christ.
  • Lyndon Baptist Church believes:

  • In one God —
  • The Father and Creator
  • Jesus Christ, the Son, who died for our sin, rose again, and is the only way to eternal life
  • Holy Spirit, who dwells in the heart of every believer and binds us together.
  • The Bible is our written authority and guide.
  • Every individual is precious in God’s sight and deserves ministry.
  • It is the responsibility and joy of each member to live and act in accordance with the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, so that lives will be changed for God.
  • We are called to worship and serve God together and individually.